Over 30 to 70 learners register at Taqwa each session between the ages of 0 and 15 years. Of the number, about 70% become school residents.

Subsequent to learners joining the Taqwa Community as residents, save for the classroom, his residence will be the hub of his life in Taqwa under the care of House Master or House Mistress and the Matron of the Residence.

These officials are assisted by senior school residents of impeccable moral standards appointed as Hostel Captains. The Captains learners experience the ropes of responsibility while enjoying their stay in their residence.

Every school residence has sleeping facilities for each resident, common study, dining rooms and a laundry area manned by a dedicated laundry man.

The school residence is also internet enabled because we believe that teaching and learning must go beyond the classroom.

All school residents are entitled short holidays in December & April and are also entitled to a long holiday in July.