About us

Taqwa's History

Taqwa was founded in 1997 amidst the desire for an educational institution that is Islamic in its foundations/values. It is upon this background that Taqwa was created to finally build an institution that balances high academic pursuit with an even higher standard of spiritual attainment.

Taqwa is structured on that recognized reputation as one of the foremost educational institutions in Nigeria. Our impeccable focal points of affordability, academic excellence and willingness to innovate has seen us thrive for over two decades.


and the now...

We are a modern forward thinking school that embraces all opportunities towards unrivalled teaching and learning. Islam remains our foundation and still shapes our guiding principles and values.

On this note, we welcome all learners from all backgrounds and inclination. Do visit our grounds and experience Taqwa for yourselves.


Over the years, we have succeeded to create that balance between high academic pursuit and spiritual upliftment to churn out complete individuals annually. With over a thousand graduands, most of whom are now all over the globe, I believe we have made considerable progress in creating a better society through our education.

Are we done? Of Course not, the journey has to be the beginning for Taqwa. With an ever changing community, we have to be dynamic, to constantly evolve to build an Islamic conscious environment, individuals and the society we want and would be proud of. We have to go higher, attain greater, go beyond the texts, beyond the ordinary.

Welcome to the making of a complete individual.