Qudrah Olabisi OlaleyeHead of Secondary

Qudrah Olabisi Olaleye is the Head of Secondary. She joined Taqwa Schools over a decade ago and  started as a class teacher before her elevation to Head  of Secondary in 2014. Qudrah is a graduate of Accounting Education from  Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun State. She also has  a Masters degree in Educational Administration and  Planning.

She is an advocate of collaborative development within  the school environment which she believes will create  successful educators and learners.

She understands the  essence of creating a family within Taqwa through  partnerships with parents and the community.  Qudrah engages in numerous professional development  and coaching for teachers, staff and parents in the  school. She is happily married with two kids.

The son of Adam (human being) will cease to benefit from all his earthly deeds after his death except three things. (1) charity sustained after his demise (2) a beneficial knowledge transferred to others (3) prayers from a living good child.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)