Ganiyat EgbeyemiSchool Administrator

She took up the post in January 2019. Before Taqwa, She worked as an Accountant in England.   Her desire  to make a difference in the education sector  from a non government stakeholder’s viewpoint saw her relocate  to  Nigeria  where  she  worked  in  Lagos  Preparatory School as a class teacher, specialist teacher and  was  in  charge  of  her  department.  She  created  numerous projects such as project ankani, an innovative finance  project  aimed  at  educating  children  on  the  business of money making through vocation.

Her desire  to make a difference in the education sector  from a non government stakeholder’s viewpoint has spurred her efforts to change the otiose way of learning.

She  has  a  firm  understanding of  modern  teaching  and  learning which has made her an advocate for linking the idealistic  curricula  of  modern  educational  systems  and  that of aspiring systems. She is currently mentoring a number  of  teacher  and  is  in  the bid to  set  up an  NGO  aimed at spreading the new methods of education to schools by sensitizing the educators. Her core areas are teaching,  education  management  and  business  management.

The son of Adam (human being) will cease to benefit from all his earthly deeds after his death except three things. (1) charity sustained after his demise (2) a beneficial knowledge transferred to others (3) prayers from a living good child.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)