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Internship Programmes

This is a follow-up program to one of our initiatives to enable our learners to practically see the way and manner of professionals practicing in their proposed career path. This helps to ease them into maturity, responsibility, and life in a guided way.

Again, these programmes are set to enable learners to see work patterns in different businesses and give their feedback on their experiences. Our staff will make unscheduled visits to our learners to see how they are faring in such organizations.

From our experience, this has enabled our learners, appreciate the efforts of their parents and build their love or dislike for a chosen career path affording them ample time to make necessary changes to their career paths.


Robotics, also known in the school as LEGO has become part of our curricula. It is aimed at sharpening the problem-solving abilities of our learners. It also unearths a passion for technology.

Taqwa emerged winners of the 2014 National Robot Olympiad which qualified us to participate in the 2014 International Robot Olympiad, held in Russia.

We also partook in the 2015 International Robot Olympiad, held in Qatar. Our prowess on the subject has ensured that the International Robot Olympiad has become an annual event for the school.

Pastoral Care

Taqwa is an inclusive institution guided by its all-encompassing ethos. We are extremely proud of our faith, its values, its impact on humanity and its well-grounded etiquettes on every subject.

Our job is to ensure that all learners and teachers are able to live their lives according to the value of self-discipline, tolerance and mutual respect for one another regardless of our differences. These fundamentals underpin the Islamic faith.

Further to our religious beliefs, we want to groom our learners to be high achieving members in a multi-faceted world of strong and divergent views.

We are not associated with any religious group, neither do we speak the views of any existing or past religious groups or sect [if any].


Our uniforms are made to be smart and practical. They are to exude prestige and responsibility in their appearance.

It makes every learner take pride in being part of the school. The hijab is a part of our uniform for the Muslim girls that choose to wear it.

However, we respect the dress demands of learners from other faiths and are open to discussing such demands during the learner’s induction.

Notwithstanding that the final decision rests with the School Administrator, no learner is forced to wear religious clothing of any faith.

Food and Catering

We promote healthy food intake amongst our learners. To this extent we provide halaal meals for our learners.

We are open to catering for other cultures and faiths including vegetarian options.

In and Around the School

We have non muslim staff and celebrate selected secular holidays such as mother’s day. We do not pressure any learner to take part in any optional faith based activities.


Taqwa was founded on Islamic Values and has stood on such grounded principles.

We observe all daily prayers [both obligatory and voluntary prayers]. Our muslim learners are also expected to partake in quaran memorization before or after every prayer.

We have three dedicated Imams who rotate all prayers including friday prayers [Jumu’ah] amongst themselves.

As part of our learning process, we also nominate Imams [Junior

Imams] from the senior learners. This builds their self confidence and ability to speak publicly.

Health and Wellbeing

At Taqwa, we take the issue of health and wellbeing of our learners and staff with utmost importance. Our staff take responsibility for the academic performance and social well-being of each learner in their care. They along with the school, parents and/or guardians ensure the school provides the right care for the learners severally.

An established fabric of the school is our Sickbay which essentially meets the needs of learners who require immediate medical attention and health/hygiene education.

The Sickbay is led by a Matron with the support of another nurse. The Nursing team also contribute to the delivery of the school’s personal, social and health education [PSHE] programme.

Our Health policy can be read here

School Residence

Over 30 to 70 learners register at Taqwa each session between the ages of 0 and 15 years.

Of the number, about 70% become school residents. Subsequent to learners joining the Taqwa Community as residents, save for the classroom, his residence will be the hub of his life in Taqwa under the care of House Master or House Mistress and the Matron of the Residence.

These officials are assisted by senior school residents of impeccable moral standards appointed as Hostel Captains. The Captains learners experience the ropes of responsibility while enjoying their stay in their residence.

Every school residence has sleeping facilities for each resident, common study, dining rooms and a laundry area manned by a dedicated laundry man.

The school residence is also internet enabled because we believe that teaching and learning must go beyond the classroom.

All school residents are entitled short holidays in December & April and are also entitled to a long holiday in July.

Bus Transit

Taqwa offers this service to non resident learners who subscribe for the service at the beginning of the term.

We have invested in top range mid-size buses to convey our learners to and from school grounds to their homes within the fastest possible times in company of tested and responsible drivers and conductors or conductresses.

We have earmarked routes for each bus, however we are open to extending such routes upon requests.

This service is run by the Buildings and Facilities department of the school


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