School Life


Robotics, also known in the school as LEGO has become part of our curricula. It is aimed at sharpening the problem-solving abilities of our learners. It also unearths a passion for technology.

Taqwa emerged winners of the 2014 National Robot Olympiad which qualified us to participate in the 2014 International Robot Olympiad, held in Russia.

We also partook in the 2015 International Robot Olympiad, held in Qatar. Our prowess on the subject has ensured that the International Robot Olympiad has become an annual event for the school.

Internship Programme

This is a follow-up program to one of our initiatives to enable our learners to practically see the way and manner of professionals practicing in their proposed career path. This helps to ease them into maturity, responsibility, and life in a guided way.

Again, these programmes are set to enable learners to see work patterns in different businesses and give their feedback on their experiences. Our staff will make unscheduled visits to our learners to see how they are faring in such organizations.

From our experience, this has enabled our learners, appreciate the efforts of their parents and build their love or dislike for a chosen career path affording them ample time to make necessary changes to their career paths.

Co-Curricular Activities

and Craft

Extra Curricular Activities


Pastoral Care

Taqwa is an inclusive institution guided by its all-encompassing ethos. We are extremely proud of our faith, its values, its impact on humanity and its well-grounded etiquettes on every subject.

Our job is to ensure that all learners and teachers are able to live their lives according to the value of self-discipline, tolerance and mutual respect for one another regardless of our differences. These fundamentals underpin the Islamic faith.

Further to our religious beliefs, we want to groom our learners to be high achieving members in a multi-faceted world of strong and divergent views.

We are not associated with any religious group, neither do we speak the views of any existing or past religious groups or sect [if any].

Our Non-Muslims Learners

We welcome all learners in search of quality education.

Islam teaches that we do not impose our religious values on persons that do not practice it. As such we take great care to ensure that learners at Taqwa regardless of their religious inclinations become, and more importantly feel like a part of the Taqwa family.

Every learner is treated as an individual regardless of his or her faith or gender. At the beginning of the session, each learner sets personalized, aspirational but achievable targets. Their progress is monitored by staff and parents alike. We urge our parents, partners to get involved and support our learners at home.


Our uniforms are made to be smart and practical. They are to exude prestige and responsibility in their appearance.

It makes every learner take pride in being part of the school. The hijab is a part of our uniform for the Muslim girls that choose to wear it.

However, we respect the dress demands of learners from other faiths and are open to discussing such demands during the learner’s induction.

Notwithstanding that the final decision rests with the School Administrator, no learner is forced to wear religious clothing of any faith.