Our classrooms are well-ventilated, spacious and well-equipped with the state-of-the-art instructional facilities.

In view of the increasing importance of ICT, our children are exposed to ICT from nursery classes.

The school has two modern sick bays equipped with first aid facilities adequate for any emergency and manned by qualified personnel. The sick bays are affiliated to two competent private hospitals with seasoned doctors to attend to our children for critical issues when necessary. Parents get notified immediately a child is referred.

The School has a spacious and classy playground for the pupils’ use. Also, there are various outdoor facilities such as swing, merry-go-round, slides, bouncy castle,  mini football pitch,  basketball court,  volleyball court, and a host of other items for the pupils to play with.

The school runs an efficient transport system (school bus) to and from school for pupils who subscribe to it. Our buses pick children from their designated points at stipulated times in the morning and we also drop them at agreed places in the afternoon.


All our pupils take lessons in robotic education, also known in the school as LEGO, which sharpens the thinking abilities of the children and creates in them an undying passion for science and technology. The teaching of robotic education has become so entrenched in the school system that we emerged as winners of the 2014 National Robot Olympiad. We also participated in the 2014 International Robot Olympiad, held in Russia and the 2015 International Robot Olympiad, held in Qatar. As a matter of fact, the International Robot Olympiad has become an annual event for us in the school.

Our libraries are equipped with rich up-to-date materials e.g. encyclopedias, periodicals, magazines, computers, both local and foreign textbooks in all the subject areas for the local and international examinations, etc. The materials are catalogued in line with the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. The school is making efforts to change the libraries into electronic ones.

The students are encouraged to use the libraries to enhance their ability to read and research independently and to consolidate their understanding of lessons given in class, as well as expand their horizon.The presence of internet facilities gives the students access to materials beyond the four walls of our libraries.
We have libraries for the following classes.

-Biology Laboratory
-Chemistry Laboratory
-Physics Laboratory
-Introductory Technology Laboratory

The workshop is well equipped with various tools needed for the students in their various practicals. The Basic/Technical workshop is divided into three (3) sections. These are:

-Wood workshop:-
Where students can carry out some operations like furnishing, carpentry etc.
-Building workshop:-
Where students are trained and prepared in various building works, making use of software materials like AutoCad in designing buildings, construction of roads and as well as making models of constructions.
-Metal workshop:-
Where students carry out some welding processes like arc welding, joining metals and so on.