How to become a “Citizen” of Taqwa

First and foremost, your child or ward must be 10 years of age for admission into our Year 7 class, 3months to 1 year for Creche, 1 to 2 years for Pre-Kg, 2 to 3 years for Kg, 3 to 4 years for Reception,and 4-5 years for Nursery.

He or she must obtain and fill an admission form, after which a competitive entrance examination is held for him or her. Finally, an Oral interview will be conducted (usually within the school premises). Admission, as a matter of policy, is restricted to classes from Creche to Primary 5 and year 7, year 8, SS1 and SS2,. Students seeking admission into the various classes will be assessed at the point of entry in accordance with age and intended class.  The school admission form can be downloaded  from the school site or from the admin office of the school which is located on the school premises. The filled copy of the form will be submitted to the school  with a token.

Transfer / Withdraw

If a child is to be Transferred or Withdrawn to another schools, a term notice to the authority is required or parents will be required to pay a term fee in lieu of notice. A Transfer Certificate will be issued if

 (a) at least, one year of school attendance has been recorded by the student.
 (b) all fees in respect of the student have been paid
 (c) due notice of withdrawal has been given or appropriate fee paid in lieu of notice.