About Taqwa Schools

Taqwa was founded in 1997 amidst the desire for an educational institution that is Islamic in its foundations/values. It is upon this background that Taqwa was created to finally build an institution that balances high academic pursuit with an even higher standard of spiritual attainment.

Taqwa is structured on that recognized reputation as one of the foremost educational institutions in Nigeria. Our impeccable focal points of affordability, academic excellence and willingness to innovate have seen us thrive for over two decades.

We are a modern forward thinking school that embraces all opportunities towards unrivaled teaching and learning. Islam remains our foundation and still shapes our guiding principles and values.

On this note, we welcome all learners from all backgrounds and inclination. Do visit our grounds and experience Taqwa for yourselves.

Vision – To be a foremost educational institution producing top achievers in all spheres of life with high moral values.

Mission – To give a world-class quality education based on the belief in one God, delivered through qualified and well-motivated professionals, employing the state-of-the-art infrastructure and methodologies in a conducive environment whilst optimizing the benefits to all stakeholders.

Ethos – Every Child Matters. Every Child Is Peculiar In Learning. It Behoves On Us [Teachers & Parents] As Partners To Unearth Their Abilities And Process Of Learning.

Every Child Deserves The Highest Standard Of Quality Education 

Taqwa Today

Taqwa is a co-educational school with over 300 learners and 80 staff. We are an English and Arabic speaking school that has deployed necessary modern means of education to impact teaching and learning. With our modern libraries and library lounge, equipped ICT/Server room, Laboratories, Music room, Workshops, and accessible sports facilities, the only way is up.

The school has a nursery, primary and secondary classrooms and an enviable residence within the school grounds for learners who choose to reside with us during the session.

Why Ifako - Ijaye

Taqwa Private School is strategically situated in the peaceful town of Ifako, in the Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government Area of Lagos State. Our schools’ location at Ifako has a dual advantage,

  • distance from the hustle and bustle of Lagos and
  • accessibility from any part of Lagos and the outskirts of Lagos

It is approximately one hour’s drive from Lagos Island, about forty-five minutes from Lagos mainland, and fifteen minutes from Ikeja and the Airport.